Unsociable media

9th December 2016Thoughts This is a fascinating little exploration into the nuanced and sometimes counterintuitive UI details that can make a product perform or not. With "Stories", taking a lead from Snapchat's success, Instagram are effectively trying to create an environment that is less sociable, with lower quality content, in order to increase engagement. It appears to be [...]

A doodle too far

8th December 2016Thoughts OK, it's gone. After countless years of having Google as my home screen I've been tipped over the edge by an animated doodle. Yes, they're quite fun, and they're informative too. But I don't like the way they're jammed into the page. They've been a feature forever. They shouldn't still look like an afterthought. And [...]

Rags and feathers

11th November 2016Thoughts Well, it's a good week to be reminded of the music of Leonard Cohen. Not because it's a touch gloomy, but because of its humour and humanity. It embraces difference, love, frailty and complexity. It's the perfect antidote to jockism, jingoism, opportunism and insularity. American friends, play it in the streets.

Uber’s “hole” new identity

4th February 2016Thoughts So, the new Uber ident has been described as an asshole (or as we would say in the UK, an arsehole, or as LBJ would have said, a bunghole). I must admit, I can’t quite see the asshole myself, although it’s pretty funny and I suppose fitting to those who have attacked Uber’s tactics and [...]